Pepine Realty Fix ‘N Flip

Renovate and Profit on Your House with the
Fix 'N Flip Program

Renovate your house before you sell to make more money during the process.
Make a few quick fixes to increase the profitability of your home.

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Our Process

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation where we brief you on your for-sale house.

We visit your home, take a look around, and discuss what could be done, selling goals, timeline, and more.

With your budget in mind, we begin renovations on your home that will raise its value.

Once your home renovation is complete, your Realtor will revalue it and sell it at the higher price.

Once your home is sold, you will make back the money from the renovation and profit.


Specialty Service

Pepine Realty is the only Gainesville real estate company to offer this incredible service that will benefit you and allow you to maximize your profit.

From Quick Upgrades to Total Transformations

We identify critical renovations your home needs and prioritize those that will get you the highest profit, finding you deals and fixes that make the changes affordable.

Then Sell

As soon as your home renovation is completed, we immediately put it on the market to get it sold as soon as possible for the highest price point.