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Pepine Realty Events

Pepine Realty constantly hosts events for the community. The local events relate to real estate, networking, and learning more about the community. Check this page to get updates on the most recent upcoming events and sign up at the links. Events are located at the Gainesville central office but you can also find events in Ocala, St. Augustine, or elsewhere.

Pepine Realty Upcoming EventsĀ 

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July Real Estate School

This class is a required class by the state of Florida. It is a 63-hour class. This class will prepare you to take your state exam to get the Florida Real Estate License. A licensed sales associate takes part in the listing and selling of residential, commercial, and industrial property, land, business opportunities, and time shares.
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Home Buying Seminar

Make sure you're getting a home that's worth the large investment you put into it! Whether you're a new home buyer or looking to upgrade your living situation, you will learn the secrets to smart home buying. Avoid falling for traps and recognize a good sale with our home buying seminar.
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Home Selling Seminar

If you're thinking of selling your home, now is the perfect time. In Gainesville, we currently have a sellers' market and low inventory, and you can sell your home for more money and less hassle. Learn how to get the most out of your home with help from our home selling experts.
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Virtual Senior Seminar

Join us for a free infromative virtual seminar on resources available in the Gainesville area. No obligation, just an opportunity to learn more about the resources available to you. We will offer guest speakers that will provide knowledge and options. This insightful seminar will cover three important topics: 1. Senior Living Options 2. Estate Planning 3. Moving and Downsizing
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