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Tips To Have The Best College Football Tailgate

When football season rolls around, you will want to make sure you are prepared to throw the best tailgate at home for your friends and family! College football is huge in Gainesville, FL and other surrounding southern states. Follow these steps below to have the best College Football Tailgate!

1. Have the game on TV, or multiple TV’s

The single most important thing about having a tailgate at your home is to have the football game on at all times! Your friends and family came over to eat yummy food, have a great time and obviously root for their football team!

2. Make amazing food

You will want to make sure that your counter is full of tailgate food and snacks and especially desserts. Everyone likes to snack on something while watching college football!

3. Have drinks!

Having drinks to wash down the yummy snacks is essential. You will want to make sure that you have drinks for all ages in full supply.

4. Game Day Décor

To make your home feel like you are at the home stadium of your team, you will want to make sure you have team colors displayed throughout your home. “A great way to add your team colors to your table is to think outside of the plastic tablecloth. Make a simple pennant banner to hang on the table by cutting out paper and fabric triangles, then gluing them to a ribbon”.

5. Yard Games

The last thing you will want to have during your at home tailgate, is yard games! Yard games keep the little ones occupied during the game, and give the adults something to do during half time. Some fun games include corn hole, ladder toss, horseshoes, or jenga!

By following these five tips your at home tailgate will be fun, memorable, and something people look forward to on Saturday’s!

Florida Companies to Watch

Pepine Realty, Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch

Pepine Realty is pleased to announce to be selected as one of 50 companies from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to Watch, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL. Pepine Realty was also the only business selected from North Central Florida and the only real estate sales company in the industry recognized for this award.

Pepine Realty’s management team, competitive market position and strong community involvement were among several factors that put them in contention for the award. Founder and CEO Betsy Pepine attributes the growth of Pepine Realty to the support the community has shown and the agents and staff that have worked tirelessly toward the company’s vision.

“These stand-out companies are all led by entrepreneurs, and have demonstrated their capacity and intent to grow,” said Dr. Tom O’Neal, GrowFL executive director. “They also all have critical intellectual property or a niche position that gives them a competitive edge in their markets,” he said.

From 2015 through 2018, these companies generated $923 million in revenue and added 935 employees, reflecting a 123.9% increase in revenue and 131% increase in jobs for the four-year period. That translates into a 31% average annual revenue growth and 32.2% average annual growth in employees. These companies projected continued growth in 2019, with a 34.8% revenue increase and 36.8% growth in employees compared to 2018.

happy yard

How To Keep Your Yard Happy & Healthy in 5 Steps

In Florida, the summer heat can really damage your lawn if you do not care for it properly. Making sure your lawn has the right nutrients, gets cut regularly and is also watered regularly is very important. These few steps will keep your homes lawn fresh and luscious all year round!

  1. Feed your lawn

Feeding your lawn and making sure it gets the right nutrients is much like feeding your body the right nutrients. “Nitrogen is the most important nutrient”. The best type of fertilizer is one that will make your lawn green right away, but also continue to feed your lawn over time. Also, in Florida it is best to feed your lawn in the spring and summer.

  1. Spot Train Your Dog

Encourage your furry friend to use just one spot in the yard when going to the bathroom. “Make a gravel or mulch area where your dog can do his business without spotting the lawn”. You can train your dog to do this the same way you train them not to go in the house, with treats! Lots and lots of treats.

  1. Do not Mow too low

When mowing your lawn, keep in mind that trimming it too short will take away its energy-producing top growth, resulting in a weak, sickly lawn. It is also best to leave your lawn clippings to return nutrients back to the soil. This is an easy way to naturally fertilize your lawn while making sure it is at the correct length.

  1. Stop weeds by using harmless chemicals

The organic lawn care solution: leaving areas of your grass longer, where weeds are known to grow can help reduce the amount of weeds. The population will start to decline if the surrounding grass is taller and taking most of the area to photosynthesize. There are other ways to stop weeds within short grass as well, but try to stray away from harmful chemicals! This will help the earth and ensure the safety of our four-legged friends in the long run.

  1. Water your lawn in the morning

“The best time to water your lawn is the early morning because the sun will help dry the grass”. Whether you have an automatic sprinkler system, or you stand out in your lawn with your hose in a robe, slippers and a cup of coffee. It is always best to water your lawn first thing in the morning! Think of it as drinking a glass of water yourself when you wake up. Everyone needs a refreshing drink of H2O to start their day.

If you follow these simple steps, your lawn will be the happiest and healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. Keeping your lawn nice and luscious also helps the environment and makes the ecosystem go round. The next time you mow your lawn, or see a brown patch just remember these steps!