Hurricane Season Preparedness: Protect What Matters

Hurricane season is June to November and it's crucial to raise awareness about the importance of preparedness. From gathering supplies to creating an emergency plan, let's make sure we're ready for whatever comes our way. Together, we can weather the storm and keep our communities safe.

Secure Your Property

It's important to prepare yourself and your home to make sure you can protect what matters.

  • If you live on a property that’s on Well & Septic, ensure you have enough fresh water available
  • If you don’t have a garage, park your vehicle away from any trees
  • Start dropping the temperature of your AC about 1 degree per hour when a storm is approaching. This will help keep your home cooler longer if there’s a power outage

Long Haul Preparation

Hurricanes can be stressful and disrupt daily routines. Gathering comfort items like blankets, pillows, games, books, and extra clothing can help provide a sense of normalcy and comfort during the storm and its aftermath.

  • Charge all electronic devices
  • Have board games, puzzles, and books accessible for entertainment
  • Download your favorite movies and/or shows to your devices (you can still watch when the power is out)

Collect Supplies

Collecting supplies in advance, helps to ensure your safety, well-being, and ability to withstand the challenges posed by a hurricane.

  • Place water bottles in the freezer. When the power goes out transfer the frozen bottles to the fridge to keep your food cooler longer
  • Have your cooler prepped and ready for any food storage
  • Set up your BBQ grill, so it’s ready for cooking
  • Ensure your pets have enough food and supplies, along with any medications readily available
  • Have cash available

Collect Important Documents

By collecting and organizing important documents, you'll have the necessary information readily available to navigate through the challenges of a hurricane, facilitate recovery processes, and ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

A few reasons to make sure these documents are safe include:

  • Identification and Personal Records
  • Insurance Coverage and Claims
  • Financial and Legal Documents
  • Proof of Residence and Property Ownership
  • Medical Information and Prescriptions
  • Contact Information

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