Q. I have a room by my master that I use as a nursery for my granddaughter. I’m selling my house and my Realtor says I cannot count that as a bedroom. Why not?

A. To be considered a bedroom, a room should have at least one exterior window, a closet and one door exit. Ideally, it should have access to a full bath and if it’s not the master bedroom, it should have
access to a full bathroom that is not the master bathroom. The one door exit feature is also important because if the room has two door exits for example, a room with a door leading to a hallway and another door leading to another “bedroom,” one of these rooms is generally not counted as a bedroom
but rather a sitting room for the main room. Often you will see rooms being advertised as bedrooms that are really over sized closets, an office in the front of the house or a bonus room in the back of the house. Sellers do this because they believe the more bedrooms they have, the more the house is worth.
Ideally, there would be a standard definition that everyone adheres to so that it is clear what a house has.