Conference room available for reservation in Gainesville, FL

Reserve Our Conference Room

Looking for a space in Gainesville to host a meeting or small event? You can now reserve Pepine Realty’s conference room. The conference room is located at Pepine Realty’s main facility at 4041 NW 37th Place, Ste. B, Gainesville, FL, 32606. You can reserve the space below.

An Affordable Space

To provide for the community, Pepine Realty offers the company conference room at an extremely affordable rate. In this space, individuals can host meetings, small events, and other gatherings. Prices listed below are subject to change depending on the duration and type of event being held.

Non-Profit or Charity Group

Price: Free

At Pepine Realty, we take our commitment to the community seriously. Small non-profits, charities, and volunteer groups are invited to use the space free of charge.

All Others

Price: $50

Use the company conference room at an affordable rate. When you pay for the conference room, the payment covers an alarm system, entry, cleaning, and more. Pepine Realty prioritizes the community by giving the public an accessible meeting/event space.


About the Room

Type: Office Conference Space
Floor Level: 1

Your reservation includes:

  • A room that seats 40 at tables/80 without
  • A projector (with a screen)
  • A movable lectern
  • A laser pointer and remote
  • Movable tables and chairs
  • Access to restrooms
  • Easily accessible parking
  • A reception space
  • Internet access

If you have questions about additional items not included on the list, please call us at 352-226-8474.


The conference room is available most evenings and weekends. Weekday reservations are dependent on the time, date, and type of event.

Questions? Contact us.