Betsy Pepine gives a guarantee she'll sell your home if you do the Guaranteed Sales Program with Pepine Realty

Pepine Realty Guaranteed Sales Program

If We Can’t Sell It, Betsy Will Buy It!

We guarantee that if we don’t sell your home in the agreed upon time frame and price range, WE WILL BUY THE HOUSE OURSELVES.


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What is the Guaranteed Sales Program?


Pepine Realty guarantees to sell your home at a price and deadline you both agree to based on the appraised value. If we can’t sell it, Betsy Pepine will step in and buy your home. Can your Realtor guarantee that?

The Pepine Realty Guaranteed Sales Program ensures your property is sold at the appraised value and in the agreed upon time period. All you have to do is call us. You can also fill out the form below with your details. A Pepine Realty agent will then be in touch to discuss how you can make a profit from your house.

Our Alachua County team has consistently ranked as the best real estate team in the Gainesville area. We were also ranked as the #1 Big Business in Gainesville for 2017. Overall, we have helped thousands of home and commercial property buyers and sellers turn a profit.

What is the Secret to Our Success?


Our insider knowledge of the Gainesville and Ocala areas give us the advantage over competitors. Many of our Realtors have lived in these locations for multiple generations. We know the area inside and out, and with our expert real estate knowledge, we can sell your home for top dollar.

Not only do we know the area well, but our marketing team is top notch. If you work with Pepine Realty, you’re working with Betsy Pepine who can guarantee results. Our extensive network, broad reach, experienced marketing team, and passion to sell are the recipe for success in the real estate market. We’re willing to bet the value of your house on it!

Still skeptical? Watch this video to see why Barbara Corcoran, a top real estate mogul and lead investor in the hit show “Shark Tank” endorses Betsy Pepine and her Guaranteed Sales Program.


Barbara Corcoran Endorses Betsy Pepine


How Does The Program Work?


Betsy and the seller will discuss terms of the agreement. Once a decision is made and the seller agrees to be available for showings and stagings (if necessary), both parties will sign a contract, and Betsy will buy the home if she is unable to sell it according to terms.

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