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Katie Garrett Becomes New Pepine Realty Director of Sales and Operations

Katie Garrett (pictured) has been announced as the new director of sales and operations for pepine realtyPepine Realty is pleased to announce Katie Garrett as the new director of sales and operations. In this role, Garrett will be responsible for the overall management of all strategic sales, operational and customer relationship activities. While also, achieving business objectives, promoting sales growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

“In our fast-paced, ever changing industry, we strive to be a leader in the real estate community.  We are excited to appoint Katie Garrett to lead our sales and operations functions for Pepine Realty.  Katie’s demonstrated marketing and sales expertise as well as management skills make her a natural fit in our pursuit of improving and empowering the lives of others.” said Betsy Pepine, broker/owner of Pepine Realty.

“I want to thank Pepine Realty’s broker/owner Betsy Pepine for giving me limitless opportunities and for allowing me to continuously grow with a forward-thinking company focused on innovation, business development, company culture and community impact.” said Garrett. “I am excited for the opportunity to serve a team of highly accomplished agents and staff as we improve and empower the lives of others though their real estate needs.

Garrett has worked for Pepine Realty since 2013 as their marketing manager while also holding her real estate license with over 51 transactions and millions of dollars in sales. A graduate of the University of Florida, Garrett began her career in real estate shortly after. She is an active member of Leadership Gainesville 44 and Leadership Development Program by GACAR.

Pepine Realty is an educator and advisor of real estate having duel goals of being a central hub of valuable information to the community and a facilitator, bringing buyer, sellers, investors and renters together with local businesses that support their needs. Pepine Realty has grown significantly over the past two years in large part due to a focused effort in making sure their culture was right. They have both a residential and a commercial sales division and a property management department. Based out of Gainesville, Pepine Realty has expanded from one to three offices and now service ten counties in Florida.

a couple moving and packing boxes

10 Tips for Packing and Moving

So you’ve found the home of your dreams. Congratulations! Now you need to pack up all your belongings and transport them to your new house. Packing and moving can be one of the most daunting tasks of a move.

Fortunately, Pepine Realty, the #1 real estate company in Alachua County, has a lot of experience helping new homeowners move. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help make your move easier whether you’re buying a new home in the Gainesville and Alachua County area or elsewhere.

1. As you begin to clean out your home, designate two piles: one for trash and one for donating.

clutter that needs to be cleaned upYou can place these items into garbage bags. Get rid of whatever you don’t want or don’t use. Doing this will allow you to reduce the amount of items you’ll need to transfer and will reduce the clutter in your new space.

You should also consider selling a few items as well if you think you’ll make a profit. Depending on the amount of time you have before you move, you could make some extra money. Sell items on the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

2. Take photos of shelves, electronics, and tabletops.

Taking photos of how everything is set up can help you remember how to reposition everything after moving if you’d like everything to be in the same place.

3. When you box items, use clear plastic bins for the essentials and keep in mind the weight of the boxes.

Don’t put a lot of heavy items like hardcover books into the same box. Your packing books into cardboard boxes for movingaverage cardboard box can hold 32 lbs. of weight which is about 30 books. While this might fill the box, make sure you or someone else is willing to carry that much weight around. You can always use smaller boxes for heavier items as well to make them easier to carry.

If you don’t want to buy boxes, you can visit local liquor stores or other local retailers and see if you can use their recycled boxes.

4. Sort boxes by similar items and use labels.

Label boxes based on what is inside and what room they should be in so when you move you can place them in the room they’re supposed to be in and reduce clutter.

You can buy special tape with room labels on them that allow you to secure the boxes and identify where they belong. Additionally, you can work out a color coding system for each room to make everything even easier.

Numbering your boxes will also ensure that you have everything you packed and need

5. Use household items as DIY padding for breakables like glasses, décor, and tableware.

You can use clothes, bedding, and even towels to protect your belongings. Stick glasses inside of socks for extra protection. You can also use newspapers and magazines; just be mindful of the ink.

6. Before the move, make sure you have a toolbox or a few tools on hand if you need to disassemble furniture.

screws, nuts and bolts taken out of furniture before a moveMost items of furniture can be taken apart and put back together. Screwdrivers and wrenches will help you accomplish this task. You won’t necessarily need to buy these items if they’re not required, but before your moving date, check all the items in your home and decide whether you want to take them apart. If you do, make a note of what you’ll need to make that happen.

On the same note, keep small baggies and label them for screws and small items so you can easily reassemble the items after you move. You could get a small box to keep all the baggies in so they stay organized.

7. Wrap multiple clothes items in a plastic bag or coat and zip-tie the hangers.

Bundle multiple items of clothes in your closet together and tie them up in a plastic bag. Then zip-tie the hanger handles together so you can easily move these items and then transfer them to the closet in your new house.

Wrapping your clothing in a large coat and then zipping the coat up will serve the same purpose as the bag with added durability.

8. Tape up or seal dresser drawers to save space and keep your items in place.

To further reduce the headache of putting your items away when you move, keep clothes and other items in your dresser. Make sure they’re secured with strong tape or a sealing material like plastic wrap.

9. Pack for the first few nights.

You probably won’t finish packing the first day there or even the first few days there. Prepare by packing a suitcase or other larger bag with what you’ll need for the first few days night. This includes clothes, shower supplies, hygiene materials and anything else you think you’ll need. You won’t have to hectically run around opening boxes to try to find what you need the morning before you go to work.

10. Consider a moving company for more convenient moving.

You can look up moving companies on Google. For moves to and from the Gainesville and 2 college brothers is our preferred moving company in Gainesville and the Alachua County areaAlachua County area, Pepine Realty has always trusted 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage. 2 College Brothers is a local professional moving company that employs University of Florida students as movers and University of Florida graduates on their management team. It is the top ranked local moving company with 4.9 stars on Google and 209 reviews.

We hope this list will alleviate some of your moving stress. If you’re planning on relocating to Gainesville or moving within Gainesville, we can help you find the perfect home to buy or rent. Pepine Realty was the top rated real estate agency in the Gainesville area, and we’re dedicated to finding you the perfect home. Schedule a free consultation today online or by phone and learn why we’re the best real estate agents in Gainesville.


girl with her pet

How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Are you thinking about getting a new pet? Or perhaps you’re thinking of relocating and are worried about the damage that your furry friend might do to the new place. No matter the reason, we’re here to provide a few tips on how you can pet proof your home.
Whether you’ve got a new puppy that isn’t yet potty trained, your cat tends to attack your furniture, or you can’t leave your dog alone without him wreaking havoc on the pillows, we’ll cover a few tips that should help you keep your home safe and damage free.
Tips include those from the American Humane Society.

1. Put away items dangerous for pets to chew or consume.

a litter of puppies eating from a large bowl
Cover electrical outlets and power-strips. Put dangerous chemicals or foods on the top shelf in your cabinets and make sure they are difficult to access. Add safety locks if your pets can get into the cabinets. Keep medications, lotions, and cosmetics off surfaces your pet could reach; the same goes for poisonous plants.
Keep clothes, including shoes, in a place that your pet can’t reach. Buttons, strings, and other small items can create choking hazards for your pets. Make sure your floor, especially areas of the floor you can’t reach with a vacuum, are free of these items.
Gadgets and toys for children and even dogs should be cleaned from the floor before you leave a dog alone to ensure your pet doesn’t choke on them or create a mess. Squeakers and tennis balls could pose a choking hazard. Your dog could also end up tearing up your child’s favorite stuffed animals or your expensive new headphones.

2. Make sure your trashcan, litter box, and pet food containers are dog proof.

Dog and cat together to represent a god eating out of a litter box
The last thing you want to come home to is the mess your dog got into while you were away.
Make sure your trashcan/s are securely stored. You can keep them in a cabinet or closet or get a trashcan that locks so even if your pet knocks it over, it won’t open up.
Litter Boxes
Keeping the dogs and cats in separate areas of the house can prevent a dog from getting into a litter box. Using a dog gate would also keep the dog away from the cat and its litter, unless your dog can jump over the gate.
Another solution could be to buy a litter box that’s more difficult to breach. These include top access litter boxes and domed litter boxes among others.
Pet Food Containers
You can buy safe storage pet food containers from most pet stores and online. If you tend to buy large quantities of pet food, you could also invest in a large metal, aluminum, or plastic trash container that will keep out dogs, rats and bugs.

3. Keep doors and lids closed.

Kittens playing in a room when the door should be closed

Before you leave a room, check if a pet is inside and close the door. Keeping a pet out of the rooms you don’t want them in is the easiest way to ensure that they don’t get into any trouble in that room whether it’s peeing on the carpet or making a mess of the furniture.
You should also make sure to close the toilet lid so your pet won’t drink the water or fall into the bowl. Keep the dryer closed and check if your kitten might be in it before turning it on. Also check the drawers to make sure your kitten or cat hasn’t slipped inside when you weren’t looking.

4. Protect your furniture from stains and damage.

pug wrapped in a blanket on a comforter on a bed

You can buy an assortment of furniture covers that will help keep your furniture clean and damage free. If your cat enjoys scratching the furniture, place a scratching post in front of the area your feline likes to scratch and cover it with catnip. You might have to try a few different scratching posts before you find one your cat will actually use.
Another option to keep your pet from soiling your furniture is to keep a pet bed on your couch or bed so the cat or dog will stay in there instead of on the actual furniture. Keeping a pet bed next to the furniture also works to keep your furry friend away.
If your dog likes to chew, leave them with a safe toy they can use while you’re gone. Make sure your cat also has different toys to keep them from getting bored. Different companies even offer surveillance cameras that watch your pet and shoot treats to them at your command.
Another option is to get pet spray that will deter your pet from attacking the sprayed area. If your dog is relentless, you might also want to consider crating. Crating done properly can ensure your dog stays out of trouble and feels comfortable at home during the time you’re away.

5. Protect your carpets.

white dog on the carpet with a watch

If your pet is peeing on your carpet, check if they’re peeing in the same location every time. Usually they recognize the scent and keep returning. One way to stop them from peeing in that area is to clean it thoroughly. You can also cover the scent with a repellent or other chemicals, like rubbing alcohol and ammonia, that will deter the pet. You can also use lemon juice or white vinegar.
If your cat likes to scratch the carpet, try different scratching posts to get your cat scratching that instead. You’ll want to cover the area the cat is scratching with the scratching post so the cat understands they should be scratching that instead.
Keeping your cat’s nails clipped will also reduce the amount of damage. Cats who scratch can also be turned away by citrus and menthol scents that would deter pets from peeing on the carpet.

If your pet is making messes, you might also want to consider any underlying problems. Perhaps they have a health problem which is why they’re having accidents in doors. Could they be damaging your furniture for a reason? Talk with your vet if you think something might wrong. Your pet could be acting out for a reason.

Now you’re prepared for your new pet and to move into your new home. Not sure where you want to move yet? Consider finding your new Gainesville and Alachua County area home through Pepine Realty. Pepine Realty was rated as the best real estate company in Gainesville. Get a free consultation today to learn how we can help you and your furry friend. Call us or fill out a form today.