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Q. I heard about the Pepine Parade: Tour of Homes that is happening today. Can you tell more about this?

A. Today from noon to 5:00pm, we will be hosting the Pepine Parade: Tour of Homes. The Tour of Homes will feature more than 40 houses of various prices, sizes, and design. Invite your friends and family who may also be interested in attending. For each house you visit, you will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for an Apple Watch. View our for a complete list of homes and the Pepine Parade map at

Q. I just went under contract on a house but the sign in the yard still says “For Sale” and I see on websites that it is still showing up as active. Can the seller take a better offer if one comes along before closing? Why don’t the sign and websites say “Under Contract” now?

A. Once you have an executed contract, another offer cannot upset your offer unless your contract has a contingency that specifies this. The most common contingency is that the buyer’s current house has to sell. If another offer comes in that the seller wants to take, then the seller would come to you and ask you to remove your contingency. If you cannot, the seller usually has the right to take the other offer. If no such contingency is in your contract, your contract is safe from other offers. Many Realtors choose not to change the sign status when their listings go under contract. In addition, if they want to continue to show the house and take back-up offers (in the event you decide to walk away from this house), the house will continue to show up as active on websites.

Q. My house is under contract and the inspections have been done. I’m waiting for the request of repairs from the buyer. Am I obligated to fix everything they ask to be done?

A. Not at all. First, your contract specifies the dollar limit which you have agreed to for repairs. Second, the buyer can only ask for items to be repaired that are not in working condition (not operating in the manner in which they were designed). Sellers are not required to fix cosmetic issues that do not affect the working condition of an item. Examples are pitted marcite; tears, worn spots/discoloration of flooring, wall paper, window treatments; nail holes; scratches/chips in walls, tile or mirrors; minor cracks in walls and floors; cracked rood tiles/worn or curled shingles with no evidence of leaks or structural damage.