Seller Tips

To increase the likelihood of your home selling quickly, consider doing the following:

Print Out And Use Our Home Selling Checklist

  • Turn on all the lights during the showing
  • Remove extra chairs from around the kitchen table and items from the table itself
  • Play easy-listening or light jazz music during showings
  • Set your dining room table with formal dishes, if possible
  • Consider baking cookies prior to a showing or open your house to make the inside smell delightful
  • Increase the wattage in all light bulbs, especially hallways, and consider removing all screens
  • Remove everything from the floor (except furniture) including trash cans, water jugs, baskets, small scatter rugs, etc.
  • Clean carpets; if carpets are showing wear, consider replacing them with an inexpensive neutral-colored carpet
  • Remove knick-knacks, magazines, kitchen appliances on the counter, etc. (any object smaller than the size of a football is considered clutter)
  • Remove all but the necessary pieces of furniture in each room
  • Wash and paint dirty walls; consider painting the home's interior to simplify the color palette and make the house cohesive. No one should be startled by any of the rooms' colors
  • Add plug-in air fresheners to the main living areas
  • Depersonalize your house; contain all family photos to one space in the house and reduce the number of them
  • Power wash the exterior
  • Remove all items from the top and front of the refrigerator
  • Clean your windows
  • Consider packing up to 1/3 the contents of your home and putting them in a storage facility
  • Add fresh mulch to the front beds and add potted flowers near the front door
  • Power-wash concrete and the front of the house
  • Paint your front door and install new hardware. If worn, consider removing the dated wall paper

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