Plan the perfect home or garden party with these simple steps.

How to Plan the Best Home/Garden Party

Whether you’re selling your home, just bought a new house, or want to entertain your friends, parties are a great way to show off your house’s best assets while giving your guests a great experience.

A simple house gathering is affordable, easy to pull off, and an enjoyable experience for those who attend. Below we’ve outlined a few ideas for how to turn your next house get-together into a success.

  1. Set a Theme

Think about the mood you’re trying to capture or what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’ve just moved into your new home, you can go with a paint-a-room party, an unpacking party, or a stock-the –bar theme housewarming party. If you’re getting ready to leave your house, why not do farewell parties where guests bring photos with you or where guests have the option of taking home items that clutter your house? If you’re hosting in spring or summer, host the party in your yard with a barbecue or sports theme. You can also host your own personal open house and invite your neighborhood as well as your friends.

  1. Set a Budget

How much do you want to spend on your party? Make sure you understand your limit before moving forward with the party planning process. This may be a good time to go back to step one and determine how realistic it is. If you don’t have a grill yet, how can you get one within the budget? If you’re hosting an open house style party, make sure you have the budget to provide for everyone invited. Then go through and see how you can get everything in your invite. For example, you could prepare your own food, have people bring in their games, and more.

  1. Invite Your Neighbors

Whether you’re moving out of an old home or into a new home, inviting your neighbors gives you an opportunity to show off you and your house. When you’re moving out, you can give people an updated view of your home and give them a more personal notification that your house is for sale (even if they choose not to attend). If you’re moving in, you can get to know the neighbors and get inspiration for new ideas about your house. Your neighbors can also give you advice on the local area and act as a resource in case of possible emergencies.

  1. Send Out Invites a Week in Advance

Give your guests plenty of notice for your event. Create a private Facebook event to let guests know, send out an email, or send them a text. You’ll want to have a guest list to make sure who’s coming, and if RSVP is necessary, make sure to include the deadline in your invites. Even if you’re on a budget, platforms like Canva allow you to create fancy invites for free or you can just craft a simple template of your own including the who, what, when, where, and other details of the event.

  1. Keep the Food and Drinks Simple

If you’d like to go above and beyond with food, go for it! But you can also have a fun and exciting event without getting gourmet meals rushed in. Get discounts on catering or buy bulk products yourself and make the food. Create finger sandwiches, bake desserts in advance, or more. Just because you’re keeping to a budget doesn’t mean you need to limit the amount of food you serve. Host a potluck or ask people to bring their own alcohol. Create your own fruit punch or lemonade bowl and offer clearly marked drinks for kids and adults. Serve snacks like pretzels or chips and dip, and buy bulk bags or take advantage of BOGO at Publix.

  1. Provide Games

Games are one of the best parts of a home party. Supply your own games, ask friends and neighbors to bring their own games, or make your own. If you’re having a garden party, ask people to bring corn hole, Frisbee, football, or other outdoor sports. You can plan a trivia to test people’s knowledge of the town you’ve recently moved to or are planning to move from. If you’re in the Gainesville, FL area, you can test people on their knowledge of the small town or the University of Florida. You can also create an easy scavenger hunt that will get people familiar with your home.

  1. Choose Atmospheric Music

You can always find a playlist to suit your need on music streaming websites like Spotify and Pandora. Whether you’re looking for spring themed music, a housewarming playlist, or other, you can find the beat that’s right for you and your house party. Make sure you also have a music playing device planned out whether it’s your TV or a portable speaker so you can entertain guests the whole time and give the event a positive vibe, even if when it gets a little slow.

  1. Organize for a Potential House Tour

Part of the reason for your party should be to show off your house. Have a tour planned that you can give everyone who gets there. Make sure the rooms are tidy and ready for showing. If you’re selling your house, this could offer a great opportunity to clean it up before you get individual showings. Rehearse your speech and how you’ll move people through the house. Will you give them the tour as they come in or in groups once everyone has arrived? Rehearse with family members before the big event to get your plan perfect.

You always have a reason to celebrate your home, whether you’re just putting on a casual holiday event, you’re planning to sell, or you just moved in. And whether you’re buying or selling your house, you should only have to worry about buying or selling your house. At Pepine Realty, we’re here to help with everything else. We will make your open houses a success, give great showings of your home, and take care of the home selling process. When you’re looking for a home, we’ll find you the perfect home you’ll definitely want to celebrate. Contact our agents to being the buying or selling process today.