Q. I recently received an “as-is” offer on my house. I accepted the terms and inspections were done. Minor items were found and the buyer is requesting I have them fixed. I thought an “as-is” contract means that the buyers are buying it as-is, with no requests for me to make repairs. What am I missing?

A. In the past year, I have found seen this occur more and more frequently. The intent of the “as-is”
contract is just that. You negotiate a price based on the belief you will not be asked to make any repairs.
The buyer can do inspections and cancel the contract within the set inspection period for any reason. In
this buyer’s market, however, some buyers have been making repair requests after inspections and
some sellers agree for fear of losing the sale. You have to decide if the risk of losing the sale is worth it.
Sellers, be aware of this practice when negotiating your sale price.