Q. I just found out that the house I have put an offer in on is in a flood zone. Why was this not disclosed and what should I do?

A. When you buy a home, your lender will check to see if the home is in a flood zone. FEMA revised its floodplain maps several years ago and many homeowners that were not previously in a flood zone, now
are. However, some of these people are still not required to carry flood insurance and therefore may not be aware that their house is in a flood zone. For example, perhaps the very tip of the property line is in a floodplain, but the actual home is not. If the owner of the home disagrees with the declaration,
they can file a Letter of Map Amendment to see if they can have their home removed from the flood zone. Many Gainesville residents have already successfully done this. To see if your home is in a flood zone, call Alachua County Public Works at (352)-374-5245. If the home is in a flood zone, your lender may require you to carry additional flood insurance if you buy the home.