Eric Cannon


My Roots

I was born in northern Texas but did most of my growing up just outside San Francisco, California. By the time I started high school, my family had relocated to the Orlando area. I moved to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida where I received my Bachelor's degree from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Helping the Community

I developed an interest in residential energy-efficiency and sustainability over the course of my studies, which led me to volunteer with the Community Weatherization Coalition (a grassroots coalition helping locals lower their energy bills)  after graduating. This volunteering opened up an opportunity at Gainesville Regional Utilities where I began working in their low-income energy-efficiency program. While at GRU, I coordinated improvements on nearly a thousand homes and spent much of my time exploring and familiarizing myself with the city.

Involvement in Local Music Scene

As gratifying as my GRU work was, I had also been playing music since childhood and was curious to pursue it more seriously. I left GRU and spent the next half-decade performing, recording, and touring in numerous local punk and alternative bands.

My Draw to Real Estate

During my time in a band and working at GRU, I  became more and more enamored with the greater Gainesville area, growing to appreciate the perfect mix of beauty, coziness, and convenience the city had to offer. Eventually, I decided to leave music as a part-time endeavor and transition to a career in real estate. My parents both had a deep curiosity for real estate, and I wound up inheriting that same fascination from them.
Because we had moved around a fair bit while I was growing up, I had early and regular exposure to the excitement and stress that accompanies selling your home and buying a new one. The idea that I can help make that process easier and more comfortable for others is incredibly gratifying.
When I'm not working, I can usually be found performing or attending shows at one of Gainesville's many great music venues, enjoying a beverage from one of our outstanding local breweries, or taking in the scenery of the area's countless parks and trails.