Chesley Williams


Hi, my name is Chesley Williams.  My friends call me Ches and so can you.

In my previous career as a professional ballroom dancer and instructor, the most rewarding facet of my daily life was using my expertise to enrich the lives of others in an area where very few people have extensive knowledge.  We all lead busy and sometimes hectic lives; the fact that people trusted me to raise them up to a level of competence in a pursuit they didn’t have time to learn on their own gave me more job satisfaction than I’ve ever had in my life.  I finally understood what it means to have passion for your work.  Thankfully, we managed to have a good bit of fun too.

Many days have passed since then and now I live and work in beautiful Gainesville.  My career has changed but my passion still burns as bright as the Florida sun.  As a Realtor I am still able to bring expertise, knowledge, and confidence to a task that can be daunting for many.  Let’s face it, most of us don’t buy or sell houses every day and the average American will live in a home 13 years before needing the services of a Realtor.  I will gladly offer my skill, prowess, and proficiency to guide you through your real estate needs to make your life less hectic and more happy.  In fact, I will do it with passion.

• WSJ Ranked Top 250 Teams in the USA 2017
• Large Business of the Year 2017
• Best of the Best Real Estate Company 2017

To contact Chesley, you can call him at  843-680-2959 or email him at